Health Benefits and Research

Tetrim Teas has developed a new tea containing a native Welsh crop by-product, rhubarb root. The rhubarb root is a bi-product from a family farm on Anglesey.

Our rhubarb root blend has been developed and studied in a clinical trial of 52 participants, by a team of diet and health researchers at Aberystwyth University. The below is a summary of the trial.

Having done initial research on the health benefits of rhubarb which highlight that it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and regulates bowel activities. The research process we selected was to examine fasting capillary blood samples, stool samples, and a diet-monitoring questionnaire. 

The results of this 21 day trial has proved several positive health outcomes, including lowering blood lipids, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, and suppressing appetite. 

Blood Lipids 

 Dyslipidaemia is an imbalance in blood lipids often linked to obesity that can cause several health problems, including coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease. The rhubarb root blend has been found to reduce total cholesterol in a human cohort by 5.47% (from borderline-high to desirable) and ‘bad’ cholesterol by 5.11% (borderline high to near optimal) after only 21 days of daily consumption. These reductions may be due to the presence of catechins found in tea, which reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. The rhubarb root included in the blend, supports natural bowel movements which prevents bowel irritation and can normalise peristalsis. 

 Gut Health 

Friendly microorganisms, including many bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which naturally live in the gut are an important part of the human digestive system. They can help support metabolism, immune defence, and harvest energy. The clinical trial demonstrated that the rhubarb root blend did not disrupt the normal gut microbiome, suggesting that it worked to maintain friendly gut microbiota, thus maintain gut health. 

Participants generally felt that the rhubarb root blend improved their gut health, particularly in connection to the regulation of bowel movements, helped with bloating and wind problems. The clinical trial revealed that 64.71% of participants drinking the rhubarb root blend recorded normal stool consistency post consumption of our tea for 21-days. 

Dietary Choices

Diet choices and the quality of consumed food plays an important role in health and well-being. Incorporation of the rhubarb root blend as an evening tea, within a habitual diet for 21 days was found to influence the dietary choices of participants within our clinical trial, influencing them to reach for more nutritious consumables. The Prime Diet Quality Score was used to assess diet quality, and generally improved scores were demonstrated post consumption of the rhubarb root blend for 21-days. Participants also reported fewer cravings for unhealthy snacking and a lower need for late night meals.


The flavour of the rhubarb root blend can be compared to a subtle green tea flavour without the unpleasant bitterness, it does not create a dry mouth sensation post consumption. The presence of rhubarb root adds a delicate earthy taste and other ingredients enrich the tea with sweetness.

It was particularly noted that participants within the clinical trial enjoyed the taste of the rhubarb root tea. Some comments left by our clinical trial participants included:

‘I really enjoyed the taste’.

‘The tea didn’t leave my mouth feeling dry’.


Participants within the clinical trial generally felt their well-being improved. Common themes related to well-being improvement included better quality of sleep and feeling calmer. Some comments left by the clinical trial participants included:

‘My well-being has improved since drinking the tea’.

‘My sleep quality has improved’.

‘Drinking the tea has made me feel calmer’. 

The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle 

The clinical trial demonstrated the ability of the rhubarb root tea to aid weight loss and prevent constipation. These effects are likely to be enhanced when consuming the tea alongside maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The clinical trial can be found: 

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