Our Story

 Tetrim Teas

Tetrim Teas was established as a not-for-profit company in 2021, with the aim of working with the growers in Wales to develop a product with proven health benefits. We are a family business with Mari managing the business, her nephew Steffan blending the tea, with business and community support from Kelly and Helen. The idea for Tetrim Teas came from Mari’s previous experience of owning a health spa and her interest in researching weight loss, digestion and health teas. Many of these teas include ingredients that benefit the drinker over a number of weeks as the ingredients and benefits accumulate in the body. Previous customers have reported a slow but steady improvement in eating habits. Mari said:
“I believe these benefits were due to maintaining a healthy gut bacteria, which can improve sleep, overall health and wellness, this can lead to steady weight loss through partial appetite suppression and improved decision-making”.

Recent Years

In recent years Mari decided to develop her own health tea, made in Wales, with an ethical business model. She investigated local ingredients to develop a Welsh product with more natural, and improved benefits. Tetrim were fortunate collaborate on research with Aberystwyth University, AberInnovation and BicInnovation to back the benefits from the natural ingrdients with science. And then to find a family business on Anglesey that grew rhubarb, where much of the root is discarded each year. They selected this local supply of rhubarb root as the main ingredient for their first tea blend. As a result this brings the product’s carbon footprint down considerably. In addition, the tea is blended with quality green tea from the Dartmoor Estate Tea, Tetrim continue to research more local suppliers for all the ingredients, and to build a local supply chain for all aspects of the business. They are also establishing a project to work directly with local growers with the aim of sourcing 100% of the plants from Wales in the near future.

Our Research

Existing literature suggest that the ingredients in the Rhubarb Root Blend would contribute to improved well-being. We wanted to investigate the effect of continued consumption on the body. This led to Aberystwyth University conducting clinical trials in 2022, on 52 participants - looking at specific health markers by collecting blood and stool samples (analysed at AberInnovation, Aberystwyth University and Swansea University). The results showed positive changes in participant health markers. These changes could be from consuming the tea and/or through positive habit change initiated by the addition of the tea in the daily routine. Bloods were taken to analyse cholesterol (and other lipids) and short chain fatty acids, and stool samples were taken to monitor gut bacteria. 

Tetrim Teas, pleased with the data and results from the trial, have now decided to blend their tea from the heart of the community. They selected the local Community Centre in Trimsaran to be their blending house.
Mari said: “As a not-for-profit, family business we will give back to our local community, to our growers, and to other good causes and projects and as we flourish, we hope our teas will do you good, while our business does good”.
We could not have conducted the valuable research trails on the Rhubarb Root Health tea blend without investment from The Welsh Government’s Decarbonisation & Covid Challenge Fund and Covid Recovery Fund. This has not just proven the associated health benefits but has helped us to build a sustainable and ethical business model.


Tetrim Teas has established a number of community projects.
Tŷ Te Trimsaran Tea Hub has two weekly meetings and a safe place for people to come together over a cup of tea, and to chat or learn Welsh.
A tea growing project in the village school has involved the Eco Committee growing tea plants and will make their own flavoured teas once the plants are ready.
Tea popups are organised to test new flavours and recipes with different communities, aimed as a social gatherings and informing future tea development.