"Can green tea prevent age-related disease?"

Mari Arthur, says her company uses biodegradable and plastic free tea bags and packaging, and sources 50% of its ingredients from Wales

Aberystwyth University testing how green tea can affect age-related diseases - ITV Cymru 6, 24th January 2024

It's a question scientists at Aberystwyth University are hoping to answer through their research by monitoring people's brain activity.

Food and behavioural experts are investigating whether supplements containing natural blends of ginseng and omega oils can improve people’s health.

The study will use an EEG (Electroencephalogram) facility to measure whether there is any relationship between how the gut is functioning and brain activity, looking at memory and various aspects of information processing.

Dr Amanda Lloyd from the Department of Life Sciences at the university said: "Tea has got a huge evidence base behind it whether that's the consumption of green or black tea.

"We're looking at the reduction of stress, looking at improvement of cognitive function.

"The reduction of lipids and improvement of gut micro-biome. We have different areas we're interested in and we're pursuing those with different companies around Wales."

One of the companies that have worked with Aberystwyth University on previous research projects is Tetrim Teas, a not-for-profit producer based in Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire.

Late last year, they unveiled a new rhubarb root evening tea which was shown to have benefits on the mind, digestion and lowering cholesterol in clinical trials.

It packages its tea at Trimsaran Community Centre, to create opportunities and keep profits in the local area.

Mari Arthur, founder of the company says she selected rhubarb root because of its health benefits and the fact it's a by-product.

"I get the rhubarb root from Anglesey and every year the farm replants half the root, and the other half is discarded. So we are using what would have been a waste product as the main ingredient in our teas.

"The environment is really important to me, as important as health. If we don't look after our environment we won't be healthy either, so for me, they're part of the same problem and solution."

Click the link above to view Tetrim Teas on ITV Wales 6 on 24th January 2024.

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